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Public Power (also called Municipal Power) was founded more than a century ago to inject competition into the electric utility industry and protect citizens from the high rates being charged by profit-making companies. Municipalities began operating their own electric systems to provide citizens with a necessary service for a fair price. Their low rates became the benchmark used to stabilize the climbing charges of private utilities seeking to give shareholders ever higher returns on their investment. Municipal electric systems are not-for-profit utilities, owned and operated by the communities they serve.

Public Power Benefits
Public Power offers its customers and communities not only low-cost power, but also provides a reliable source of power because of:

  • Local control over the electric system that serves them.
  • Local service. Customers don't have to call an 800 number in another state to get help.
  • Local responsiveness. Because the utility is in town and dedicated to its customers, problems can be addressed quickly.
  • Not-for-profit rates. Public Power systems do not exist to make a profit for investors. The shareholders of Public Power systems are the customers. Revenues stay in the community and are used to maintain the system and keep prices down.
  • Public Power is in Illinois for Illinois. Public Power in Illinois is committed to providing a reliable supply of power to Illinois consumers.

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Public Power Rates
Public Power utilities around the country are some of the lowest cost providers anywhere.
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